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1. What the book is about:
The book demonstrates why hard work, a big idea, perseverance, contacts, or even money, do not guarantee success. It then reveals what does! See [About Us]

2. Will this ensure your success – If not, what will?
Respect, Determination, Enthusiasm, Diligence, Patience, Integrity, Discipline, Humility, Acceptance;, Curiosity, Hard work, Industriousness, Contacts, Funding, etc.
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3. What the book will do for you?
Imagine what you could do if you knew why so many try so hard, yet so few succeed. You will discover what lies BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS and make it work for you! The book puts the choice of how successful you want to be in your hands.

4. About the Author:
Ashok Nath is best known as a multi-skilled entrepreneur successful in several pan-Asian businesses. He currently Chairs Exedra Events, the MaLogic ASEAN Group, Advisory Board of Hospital Management Asia, among others.
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