Step 1: Log in the Asian Elderly Care Awards Submission system hosted on

Step 2: Click the link below the Submit an Entry button. You will need to register in the system and nominate any word you like as a password.

Step 3: Choose a category to enter and submit your entries. Do this one category and one project at a time. Finish all the requirements for one entry and come back and repeat the process for any additional entries.

Step 4:  Attach supporting materials to support your entry.  This is not required but highly recommended

NOTE: *The CEO Certificate is a required attachment. If you haven’t downloaded the fillable certificate, click here.

If you have more entries to send, click Submit and Add New

Once you are done with your entries, click Submit and you will be directed to the page where all your entries listed.

Step 5: Payment

*You can get 1 FREE award entry for every paid delegate sent to Managing Elderly Care 2019.*

Kindly refer to the chart below to find out if you need to pay for your entries or if fees are waived.