Criteria and Requirement to Enter the Asian Elderly Care Awards
The Asian Elderly Care Awards (AECA) Primer
The AECA 2019 Categories and Criteria
Judging: How judges are selected and how entries are judged
Important Dates



The Asian Elderly Care Awards
(AECA) 2019

– A celebration of best practices, innovation and excellence

The Asian Elderly Care Awards (AECA) recognize and honor the people, products, and services that contribute to the physical, emotional, economic, social and spiritual well-being of the elderly. Entries are open to any allied health professional, physician, institution, retirement home or clinic. Small or big institutions or clinics and self-employed individuals have an equal chance of winning.



1. Excellence in Brand Building and Marketing
This is an award for a project or program that successfully launched a marketing plan that reached an impressive audience or enhanced its brand image or equity. What strategies and tactics were used? How did it fare in relation to competitors? How was it beneficial to its customers? Was the product or service innovative? Was the market well defined?

2. Most Innovative Tech Applications
This award aims to recognize institutions, retirement homes and clinics (and even individuals) that incorporate modern technology in their processes and systems in the care of the elderly. Did the innovation make caring simpler, faster or better when dealing with the elderly or their families? Did it reduce cost or make caring more efficient? Did the elderly benefit?

3. Most Creative Community Partnerships
This award recognizes the series of activities or a project that developed a bridge with the community to improve care for the elderly. Did the program engage the elderly and improve social interactions? Does it allow them to pick up new interests? What synergies were created by involving the community? How meaningful to them was this program?

4. Best in Hospital Gerontology Service
This award is for a hospital, clinic or institution that has developed a specialized service and an interdisciplinary approach to old age, care and treatment. Or does it have innovative projects and programs concerned with the prevention and treatment of diseases in older people? Does it have programs that optimize the health and well-being of older adults? Does it get involved in the way the aging population experiences the world? Does it provide a proactive way to administer care?

5. Best in Wellness Spa, Yoga or Fitness Centers
The award is for organizations as well as individuals who create wellness of mind-body or spirit – or all three. What makes the service unique? Are there enough well-trained staff to cater to clients? Is it primarily for the elderly? Do they bring the service to the elderly? Are their programs specifically designed for the elderly? Are costs reasonable? Is the service looked forward to?

6. Excellence in Quality Elderly Care Service
This award is given to recognize an individual or team from any retirement home or clinic that implemented projects on how better to serve their employees or elderly persons better. Does the implemented system improve the quality of care of elderly persons and their families? Is there feedback collected through surveys and regular communication? What are the changes or improvements you made? Have you received any service quality awards or certificates in the past? Does the project have a clear and measurable goal for outstanding or improved customer service? Does it demonstrate innovation and/or resourcefulness in providing outstanding customer service?

7. Best in Healthy and Active Ageing Services
This award is for projects and programs that promote an active and healthy lifestyle – be it services within the facility or at home or virtually online. Are there any demonstrable results? Is there research or feedback that the program promotes health among the elderly? Is there an increase in public awareness for health promotion? Does it encourage the elderly to embrace healthy ways? Or be able to contribute to the community?

8. Innovative Assisted Living Practices
The key to this award is the innovation and creativity in delivering assisted care to the elderly, be it in the home, community centers or the organization’s facility. Are the new practices innovative? How do they improve services to the elderly? What existing practices did they improve on? Other demonstrable results that others can learn from?

9. Outstanding Financial Grants and Assistance
This award is for NGO’s and charitable organizations, companies with grants and aid assistance programs to improve the care, comfort and living standards of the elderly. Is there a good record of Grants and assistance? There is 80% or more of the funds go to those it was intended for? Is the transparency in the process? Is the community involved? Are they real Grants and assistance as opposed to loans in disguise? Is the method of generating and dispersing funds simple and effective?

10. Outstanding Innovations in Health Education
This award is for any organization or individual was made it their mission to provide important, up-to-date and accurate health education for the elderly. Is health education the main business of the organization or individual? Does it use all the tools available for it to deliver the knowledge and information? Is there any feedback collected regularly and shows the message is being received? Is the method of delivery innovative? Does delivery method enhance the learning experience and prepare ‘students’ for a career in elderly care?

11. Best in Emergency Medical Care
This award is for the hospital, clinic, ambulance or other services that have demonstrated it is elderly friendly and how fast it delivers the service and reasonable the cost is. Are the basic teams in place for 24-hour service? How does the team respond? Is the response time generally acceptable? Other records to show how the elderly were reached and helped?

12. Excellence in Elder Friendly Interior/Exterior Design
The award for Elder friendly design is for excellence in retirement living facilities be it at home, the retirement home, a Spa or fitness center – and even a hotel. Does the design improve the quality of elderly living? Is there a good aesthetic as well as efficiency? Is the cost of design reasonable? Are technical and environmental considerations clearly visible? Has the design made it more accommodating for the elderly’s need?

13. Excellence in Retirement Homes Services
This award is to recognize a retirement home that is best in quality service, business structure, and teamwork. There is proper management, organization, delegation of work and available activities – all while keeping a positive and motivate ambiance in the area. To the elderly who receive the service is appreciated? Is there a regular collection of feedback? Other demonstrable results?

14. Excellence in Day-Care / Home care or Stay-in Services
This award is to recognize an individual or organization that is best in service, business structure, and teamwork, be it for day-care/Home care or Stay-in services. Is there proper management, organization, and assignment of work? Are there available activities to suit various elderly needs? Are the staff well trained and updated? Do the elderly who receive the service appreciate it? Is it cost-effective?

15. Grand Award*
(For overall exemplary results across categories)
The GRAND AWARD is for the retirement home, Clinic, Facility or Service that in the opinion of the judges is so innovative or exemplary for its projects or programs in the past year. Is this reflected in the number of projects and programs that became finalists?

The award is for the retirement home/clinic or facility that made improvements in two or more of the award categories or had truly superior and outstanding results in one area. The judges will also give due weight to the background and circumstances in which the results were achieved. In general, weight is given to innovation and improvements generated with the least use of capital, if any.

The GRAND AWARD winner will be selected from one of the winners and runners-up if any eligible.

Note: The Awards do not recognize any particular project as the “best” in a particular category, but more that the finalist or winner is an outstanding one that deserves recognition. It follows that there may be more than one winner in a category, and conversely, there may be none.

Please be in touch anytime if you have any questions. Contact Karishma Mandhyan (Ms.), Awards Coordinator, at [email protected].

The Asian Elderly Care Awards (AECA) Primer
The AECA 2019 Categories and Criteria
Judging: How judges are selected and how entries are judged
Important Dates

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